3 Wonder Fat Burning Teas – Lose Weight in Days

Posted by cspk on December 27th, 2012

For many centuries, people from all over the world have long known the healing and health properties of tea. It can also help you lose weight and here are the top three fat burning teas that will help you lose weight and fat in days.

White Tea: If you are not happy with your fat belly, then you definitely should have this tea. The perfect tea to bust belly fat is White Tea and it is definitely one of the best out there. It contains antioxidants and has high concentration of ECGC, a chemical that stimulates cells that stop fat growth. It is very light and you can easily have 2 cups per day. Drink it hot and try having it throughout the day.

Oolong Tea: Another great tea to reduce the growth of fat cell is Oolong Tea. It helps fat cells release fats and have the body to burn them away. With this tea, you can actually lose 1 inch of waist, go down 1 dress size and lose 5 pounds of weight. Drink 4 cups per day and drink each cup with meal.

Yerba Mate: Yerba Mate tea works to reduce overall body fat. It tastes bitter; you can add low fat sugar to add taste or stevia powder sugar. Drink 1 cup within 30 minutes of waking. Don’t add dairy or soy milk into any of these teas.

Reference: 3 Teas to Burn Fat


Breakfast: Tex-Mex Egg & Cheese Muffin

Posted by cspk on December 22nd, 2012

People who eat eggs for breakfast tend to eat less throughout the day, have more energy, and lose more weight.

1 egg

1/2 tbsp olive oil
1 slice of reduced fat Swiss cheese
2 slices avocado
1 tbsp medium salsa
1 whole wheat English muffin

Lightly oil a small ramekin with some olive oil and crack an egg into it. Use a fork to scramble the egg a bit, or at least pierce the egg yolk so the egg won’t “explode.”

Ladle one tsp of salsa on top of egg and layer the cheese slice (folded in half) over it. Microwave on 50% power for 1 minute and 20 seconds (time may vary depending on strength of microwave).

Carefully remove ramekin from microwave – ramekin may be hot, use potholders if necessary – and let sit a few minutes to settle. Run a small knife around the rim of the cooked egg and gently invert over the toasted muffin half. Top with the remaining 2 tsp of salsa, remaining olive oil and slices of avocado, and the top half of the muffin.



The Importance of Measuring Calories versus Psychological Dieting

Posted by cspk on December 19th, 2012

After the age of 35, it becomes hard for people to maintain the right weight and this is considered normal as people associate it as an age factor. There are many health conscious people though who take the right diet, eat healthy and exercise but still are left with those last 20 pounds. To avoid this, one must take care of the calorie intake and eating habits rather than what one think psychologically.

For instance, in comparison to a large pack of chips, smaller 100 calorie ones are preferred by those looking to diet but in reality, the larger packs work far well. This is because if they take the smaller packs, people over-eat thinking that they have not taken many calories and this is where things start to go wrong. If smaller packs are used, collecting them once empty is a good idea so that one knows that he/she has taken 100 calories already and does not need more. Similarly, in comparison to an egg, sausage and cheese sandwich, one would prefer muffins for the breakfast but actually, one muffin would have the same amount of calories as the sandwich and hence, rather than taking lots of muffins, it is better to have one filling sandwich. People take muffins as pure fiber and hence, very healthy but they are actually cupcakes without icing. The use of oils and sugar that go in the making cancel the effect of fiber. Thus, taking care with calories contained by foods is essential. Using frozen foods is another mistake that people make. These are high in sodium and contain somewhat 1700mg of salt which is equivalent to what one needs for the day. Thus, eating frozen foods once a day means eating equal to what is needed for the whole day. People must prefer buying low-sodium frozen foods but if they are not found, these foods must not be used more than once a week. Granola bar are often hot favorites of dieters and these are excellent if made with the right ingredients such as whole wheat flower and whole grain. However, the ones mostly found the markets contain fatty ingredients such as chocolate, chocolate chips and white flour etc. Hence, those who love these bars must look for the ones that contain less than 150 calories.

Knowing the diet busters is highly important for all people above the age of 35 as it would lead to having better lives. By taking the right amount of calories, one can maintain the right weight even after 35!

Reference: Diet Busting Foods


The Best Pro-Biotic Sources

Posted by cspk on December 15th, 2012

Belly bloat is a common problem in a lot of people. There is not one reason for that and this issue may stem from a number of reasons such as overeating, intake of foods such as mushrooms or onions or very salty foods such as Chinese foods. Getting up and walking around, taking salsa water or other medications but most of the time, this does not really work out well.

Here is a solution that works for most folks. The solution is having pro-biotics and these would work for most people out there in terms of belly bloats and many other problems. These are bacteria that help maintain the natural balance of different organs of the body and promote digestive health. They digest food much more completely and fast as compared to the digestive juices alone. When these bacteria are taken in and mix with the digestive juices, they work wonders in digesting food. Digestive juices on the other hand don’t really break the food down and rather bloat one. In cases, they also leave the gas behind.

In order to get pro-biotcs into the diet, yogurt is the best way around. However, in order to keep the bloat away, yogurt has to be taken every day because these bacteria don’t live forever. They have short life expectancies so in order to buildup good bacteria in the gut; yogurt must be taken every day for at least two weeks. It should preferably be taken during the breakfast. It is recommended that one takes a 6oz container of 2% fat. Those who love sugar tend to buy yogurt with syrupy fruits but this is not a god option. They can instead add fruits themselves rather than tolerating the syrup in the prepackaged fruity yogurt. The last, but not least, thing to take care of is to buy the label that says ‘live & active cultures’, ‘live culture yogurt’, ‘live active yogurt culture’ or something like that. This ensures that the yogurt contains live bacteria. If the bacteria are not alive, yogurt is of no use. For those who do not like yogurt, taking the daily pro-biotic supplement is a good option. This option might actually work better for many people, as compared to using yogurt. It contains bacteria that do not get killed inside the stomach. This supplement too, has to be taken every day. Digestive Advantage from Schiff is a pro-biotic that works 10 times better than yogurt and can be tried too.

Reference: Food That Will Kill Fat

Quick Kitchen Tips: Easy Cooking!

Posted by cspk on December 12th, 2012


Here are two of the essential items that can help you go through your daily routine easily without stressing out. These items are perfect for your kitchen and will help you have the perfect needs for your body.

Tool #1: Heavy-duty Aluminum Foil:

You can make the biggest kitchen klutz with just one Aluminum foil roll. Just expand or lay a wide piece of foil on baking sheet and coat it with a nonstick spray and place whatever food or ingredients you want evenly in the center of it. Fold it over and seal all four edges into a packet. By doing this, your food will bake fast in the oven and it will taste better. The best thing is that you won’t have anything to clean!

Tool #2: A Crock-Pot:

The crock-pot does wonders for people who don’t have much time to cook their all time favorite traditional foods. A healthy dinner will taste so good and healthy with the crock-pot! This can be bought both locally and online. It is very easy to cook in it and you won’t have to do anything, just throw in all your ingredients, set and fir forget it!


Reference: Hungry Girl Tips


More Coconut Oil Facts

Posted by cspk on December 7th, 2012

The fat gained from usually sources swells a person’s body while coconut oil makes up for the necessary good fats and gives energy rather than fatness and obesity. Hence, the oil is a wonderful ingredient to add to the daily diet and keep all the unhealthy fats away. There are many ways in which coconut oil can be used.

Since it hardens at lower temperatures, it becomes waxy, buttery or even harder if cool. Thus, it can be used with toast in place of butter and also used for frying and cooking. However, doctors have devised another ways of consuming this oil and that is using two tablespoonfuls of it each day. This is what can help one to reduce weight fast and look younger and better than ever before. Other than burning fat, coconut oil also works wonders in fighting off insomnia, thus resulting in better health. It is easily available in most grocery stores and is quite affordable. However, one should avoid buying labels such as ‘partially hydrogenated’ as these fats are not so natural and rather virgin oil should be bought as it works out great and is the highest quality oil available.

Reference: Coconut oil wonders

Things that make Coconut Oil a Perfect Diet

Posted by cspk on December 7th, 2012

One of the biggest issues for people today, especially women, is unwanted weight gain. There are various reasons why people gain weight and one of the most obvious and common of these is unhealthy eating habits. While some people gain weight due to over eating, others gain weight owing to lack of exercise and love of snacks which they munch on, all day long. One of the best ways that science has found for losing weight effectively, safely and fast is to use coconut oil. This oil has numerous benefits and is used everywhere from diet to lotions to hair conditioners and now, has shown amazing benefits for health too, through research.

Coconut oil works for the inside of the body in three major ways. Firstly, it works by keeping one full. This oil is full of antioxidants and hence, is powerful for the body. Its main power is that it powerfully works to lose weight. The oil keeps the stomach fuller for longer and hence, keeps hunger signals from reaching the brain, telling it that there are enough calories. This keeps one from eating again and again or even feeling like eating for hours. As a result, 60 calories are kept away. Research has it that this amount adds up to make 6 pounds per year. Another way that it works to reduce weight or keep weight gains under control is that it fires the metabolism up. While fats coming from other sources such as butter, mayonnaise and vegetable oil take a lot of time to break down and burn, coconut oil fastens this process to a great extent, several times faster. Hence, it digests quickly and also burns fats and calories faster. This is how the oil works wonders in staying light yet, keeping one fuller for hours and providing the right levels of energy for the day. The best part about this oil is that it does not store into the body like a fat, despite being fat.

Reference: Coconut oil wonders


Two Calorie Cutting Tips for Desserts!

Posted by cspk on December 6th, 2012

Milk and chocolate are the two popular ingredients used for desserts. Many of us love desserts but end up avoiding and madly craving them while dieting. Here are two tips that will allow you to enjoy your favorite desserts without depriving:

Shelf-Stable Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk: Choose this milk if you want to cut fat, this is only 40 calories for a full cup – a perfect low calorie alternative. In addition to this, this milk won’t spoil quickly as compared to skim milk or regular milk. It is rich and creamy and unsweetened milk – perfect for your cereals, oatmeal and smoothie.

Cocoa Powder Packets: Nothing can be as tempting as a bar of chocolate, especially when it is cold and you are craving for one. However, they are fattening and what not! But you’ve got just your chocolate craving a guilt-free pass; with only 25 calories a cocoa powder pack can do some many wonders. Now you can enjoy not only hot chocolate but an ample of other foods like smoothies, desserts and baked goods. Chocolate everywhere!

Reference: Hungry Girl’s Food Tips

Low Calorie Versions of Your Favorite Foods | Hungry Girl Special

Posted by cspk on December 4th, 2012

Known for her amazing recipes and calorie-cutting food delights, Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien has shared her tricks to cut half the calories from your favorite dishes. We all adore eating but hate to diet – that’s an absolute fact. Getting or preparing special diet foods is almost impossible when you have to go through a busy work and life routine. So why not have the same food we love but the healthier versions?

Here are the tips by Lisa that will help you enjoy food that will fill your tummy without caring too much about calories.

Taco and Ranch Season Mix: We all love adding up flavors but we have to be careful while choose the dips and dressings. Always use the low-sodium varieties of the seasonings making sure you are getting low calorie dressings and dips. Taco Seasoning can be perfect for any food – not just for Mexican food! This can be perfect for any faux-fried food that requires breading. Ranch seasoning can be perfect to create a low-calorie version of your favorite creamy dips. Mix reduced-fat mayo or reduced-fat sour cream with reduced-fat Greek yogurt and your ranch seasoning is ready!

Canned Fruits and Veggies: These can be really nutritious but all you have you do is choose the best options. Don’t go for fruits cans with a lot of added sugar; simply go with their own juices. For vegetables, go for the can packed in water instead of those in oil.

Canned Crushed Tomatoes: These are extremely tasty and add a lot of flavor to the food but make sure they are fat-free and low in calories and sugar – which they are! Use the canned crushed tomatoes to make substitutes in high-calorie pasta and pizza sauces. It is also a perfect replacement for marinara sauce and other jarred sauces. This way, you can avoid making sauces at home that are both time consuming and expensive.

Canned staple keeps things simple but healthy.

Reference: Hungry Girl’s Grab and Go Essential

The Healthy: Pea Protein Power Shake

Posted by cspk on November 28th, 2012

Your breakfast will be incomplete if this secret breakfast shake isn’t on your dining table! Having a secret ingredient “Yellow Pea Powder”, it is not only delicious but loaded with proteins that will make sure that it is putting your protein deficiency to an end. Get yourself a pack of protein-rich powder and it will stop your hunger craving, making you slimmer yet healthier. Pea Protein Powder is the best powder to have when it comes to protein, incorporating it into a healthy shake is the best way to have it. Here’s the recipe:


  • 2 tbsp pea protein powder
  • 1 cup fruit of your choice
  • 1 cup low-fat milk
  • 5 ice cubes

Directions: Mix in a blender until desired consistency is reached and enjoy!

Reference: Pea Protein Power Shake