Fillers for Empty Capsules

The health food industry has grown bigger than ever before and is today, one of the largest businesses seen. With the diet having gone into the backdrop and workloads taken the forefront of people’s lives, making up for the required nutrition for the whole day has become somewhat difficult for most individuals. Hence, the use of supplementary nutrition’s come into use. With endless varieties of pills and capsules already having been around since quite some time now, buying empty capsules is the new trend amongst the health conscious masses. Filling up the empty ones according to requirements and budget is another way of taking care of health and indeed, a better way to go about.

The consumers would normally use simple filler and stand which can be easily found from the stores where empty capsules are also sold. This set of filling up the capsules is not a very technical or expensive one nor is it too expensive or large and hence, can be easily used in homes. Actually, this is what is recommended for use in homes because of its portable, light and simple design and economical pricing. Filling up the capsules is not an easy task and has to be done carefully; therefore, it is advised that the holding stand and the filler are used in order to ensure correct and effective fill-up.

Apart from the filler meant for use in homes, there are also rather industrial designs available which are apparently large setups and are used in factories to fill up more than one capsule at a time. The simplest kind of industrial filler for empty capsules is the Tablet Press Machine. Under this category, machines such as Rotary Tablet Press Machine, Single Punch Pill Press and Single Punch Tablet Press fall and can fill up around five tablets per minute. It greatly helps filling up the capsules as per the requirement of the consumers.

The Capsule Filler is yet again, a broad category under which, the Semi-Automatic Capsule Filler and Manually-Operated Capsule Filler come. The Semi-Automatic fillers are of various types and are used in larger production setups where 80,000 to 100,000 capsules have to be filled up per day and come in various types. They could be six to ten times faster than the manually operated ones.

The Rapid Mixer Granulator is the most advanced and perhaps, the expensive one of all fillers meant for empty capsules. This one comes completely equipped with latest technology, lots of advanced features and variations in weight. Majorly, the Rapid Mixer Granulator comes in two versions; the flameproof one and the non-flameproof one. As clear by its name, this type of filler is used to meet the varying requirements of the consumers in terms of the ingredients required for filling.

These machines and fillers are used to ensure best quality of filling and manufacturing and provide the consumers with the best possible results. Empty capsules come in different sizes ranging from 000, 00, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 and consumers can select the one that is right for them. For different members of the family, different sizes might be good for use and come in vegetarian as well as gelatin formulations for the meat eaters. People interested in using these can look around, find the right size and flavor and have them filled for the highest possible health and happiness.

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