Eat Clean Greens: Dr. Fuhrman Special

Want to know what are you suppose to eat to burn that fat? You are definitely at the right place.

It is very simple when you consider salad as the main dish. Vegetables are anti-cancer and have the nutrients that are so needed by the body. Most vegetables (mostly greens) have anti-cancer healing properties. Recipes by health expert Dr. Fuhrman mostly feature seeds, berries, mushrooms, onions and all the green vegetables that are tasty and be used in salads.

You need to realize that salad can give you healthy and encourage longevity. Therefore, for lunch, have salads and make them the main dish. But, you need to make sure you are enjoying your salads or in other words, make healthy food taste great! You can easily do this by making yourself vegetable soups that feature all anti-cancer foods like tomatoes, onion, capsicum and related vegetables.

Nothing is more important than health, therefore you need to take your time out from your busy schedule and have foods like Kale, Avocado & Apple Salad – lots of it. It’s easy to make your salad tasty if you are adding low calorie healthy foods topping.

Another thing you need to realize that junk food is strictly bad for your health. It’s no good. Most junk foods come in small package and are loaded with calories. A small chunk of cheese burger is about 400 calories and when it goes into your belly, you still get hungry shortly, consuming more calories. However, a big bowl of kale salad is hardly 400 calories and you can eat it all day long and still won’t get more calories.

Also think of making tasty salad dressings. With the help of roasted mushrooms, vegetables, nuts and grains, you can help yourself make a tasty dressing for a vegetable salad.

Dr. Joel Fuhrman is a welcome stepping stone toward bringing the notion of healthier food consumption to a more mainstream audience, much like Mehmet Oz was with introducing non-allopathic modalities into patient treatment protocols at Columbia Presbyterian. At Dr. Oz show, he came up to present his ideas that have changed the lives of his patients. By eliminating the fatty chemical loaded foods and by promoting greens and beans, his patients were successful in maintaining blood pressure, heart problems and burning fat.

Reference: Dr Fuhrman Low Calorie Tips


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